Control Your Odds!

It is a different feel to sports betting—start winning by using your knowledge of the game to predict the best odds.




Enjoy the thrill of betting against other punters on who has the best numbers.

On clash, a punter gets his betting slip, picks his game choosing the odds and challenges the other punter; the slip with the best odds after an agreed set of games wins the day.

It is a huge opportunity to win money while settling scores of who is better at predicting outcomes.



Top Punter

Winning should come with bragging rights!

We have a ranking system that is based on your activity and winning track record to make your experience more fun. Let’s just call it a badge of honour for your skills in your local area and the global stage.

There are levels to these things! What is your level?

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Social Community

What is better than two punters challenging each other? A community of other players to show off your skills and discuss the latest sports news and results.

Follow the post of your friends, share your photos and videos directly and interact with other players.

Frequently Asked

How does punterclash work?

We give you the opportunity to control your odds of winning.

You register to start playing, pick your slip, populate it with games and your chosen odds and stake it against the odds of other players on punterclash.

The punter with the highest odds at the end of a game, wins.

How do you calculate the odds?

We calculate your odds by multiplying all successful games in your bet slip.

How do we cash out?

At the end of a clash we select the user with the highest odds. And that user gets credited 90% of the total amount placed on a clash into their wallets!